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Refilled and rechipped original cartridges. We take empty original cartridges, refill the toner power, and pop a fresh microchip on them. We use the highest quality Japanese toner powder with industry leading microchips to provide the highest quality performing remanufactured cartridges on the market.

Renew by Professor Color is the best choice for consumers who are price savvy and think green. .
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Academically Engineered cartridges are brand new compatible toner cartridges. After an exhaustive study of what makes these cartridges tick, we have designed the best compatible cartridge possible using advanced injection molding techniques, Japanese toner powder, and industry-leading microchips.

Academically Engineered is the best choice for quality-conscious consumers who watch their bottom line.
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Our very first invention, the bypass key enables you to use original ink made for different machines in your standard North American printer. Recognizing that there were no quality compatible cartridges on the market, we used our 45 years of experience dealing with these printers to devise this genius and novel solution.

Bypass Key is the best choice for consumers who want to use original solid ink at discount prices.
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Our line of Genuine Toner Inside cartridges make use original plastics and toner while recoding the onboard microchip and re-boxing them into easy-to-open packaging. Genuine Toner Inside is the most economical solution to using high performing original toner powder in your printer without paying high retail prices.

Genuine Toner Inside is the best choice for consumers who want to use original toner powder for less.
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Since our inception in 2014, we have found a few tricks to bring you the best quality ink and toner at insanely low prices. The Professor himself has over 46 years of expertise in the industry and understands on the deepest level how these machines work. This acute knowledge has allowed us to devise a way to drastically reduce printing costs without sacrificing quality by engineering unique printing solutions.

Every machine is different, but we know how they tick and we know their secrets.

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