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Our premium cartridges offer unparalleled reliability, combining exceptional performance with exceptional value for a seamless printing experience.

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  • Reliability Perfected

    Experience unparalleled reliability with our rigorously tested cartridges and microchips. Our commitment to quality extends to secure packaging, ensuring your cartridges arrive in perfect condition. Say goodbye to printing setbacks and hello to confidence on every page

  • Longevity-Driven Printing

    Just as the right oil extends a car's life, our cartridges and inks nurture your printers for enduring performance. They extend printer lifespans, reduce maintenance costs, and prevent breakdowns. Invest in uninterrupted performance for business prosperity.

  • Effortless Solutions

    Discover unparalleled support at Professor Color. From swift cartridge replacements to instant assistance and informative resources, we're dedicated to your needs. Experience hassle-free help, backed by our commitment to excellence in every print.

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B2B Friendly

Awesome service

This is a family run business that I have had great service from past and present.
Awesome service, product and support.

- Bill Lorence

Customer service can't be beat

I couldn't be happier. The toner and secure cartridges are all as good as the overpriced ones, so I can always keep a full deck kept as a backup. Customer service can't be beat. And, they even provide avenues to get their toner at a discount even from their very low prices through easy to get coupons.

- Barry Riemer

Keep us coming back!

They understand the value of building long-term customer relationships - even with small businesses such as ours - which keeps us coming back every time. Other companies would do well to model Professor Color. No need to look or shop anywhere else.

- Ted Wachholz

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