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We sell self-engineered ink and toner cartridges to reduce your printing costs, with 45 years of design expertise.

Our Founder Story:

Sustainable, Affordable Printing 101

Professor Color has made an academic study of the most cost-efficient method to purchase Xerox® Ink, Xerox® Toner, and compatibles enabling you to print responsibly while saving you money and extending the life of your equipment.

The good professor’s discovery occurred when his trusted Xerox ColorQube ran out of ink at his lab in Camarillo, Calif. Although Xerox Ink and Toner can be expensive to use, he reasoned the cost was well worth it, as the company’s line of eco-friendly, solid-ink printers produce incredible images bursting with brilliant color—all with 90% less waste than conventional machines.

Still, with more than 45 years of hands-on research, taking apart and selling machines, manufacturing replacement parts, and manufacturing inks and toners, Professor Color had an inkling there must be a smarter, more affordable way to buy Xerox brand ink and toner refills.

Professor Color found that while compatible ink sticks were less expensive, their questionable quality would cost more in the long run if they ruin the print components, sometimes a nearly $1,000 replacement job that would merit having to buy a new machine.

Further studies led to Professor Color’s greatest achievement: the Bypass Key, designed to enable printers in the U.S. to work with Xerox ink sticks sold cheaper in other formats.

Upon this breakthrough, Professor Color assembled a team of professionals experienced in online sales and the imaging industry to staff his beautiful Camarillo-based brick-and-mortar store with one mission in mind: to help you print green while saving you a ton of green on Xerox Ink. 

Later in development, he expanded his product lines to include the revered Genuine Toner Inside® products - which utilize OEM toners inside modified cartridges for OEM-like quality cartridges, and our Academically Engineered® line where he has made a study of each component and manufacturing process in compatible cartridges to produce some of the lowest-defect-rate cartridges available on the market.

At ProfessorColor.com, we literally provide you with the key to sustainable printing and greater value with Xerox refills that won’t empty your wallet.

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