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Bypass Key Video & FAQ

Q: I just got ink for my Xerox Colorqube in the mail that has a bypass key. What is it? Why do I need it?

A: The bypass key enables us to install repackaged Xerox Ink in our printers for a lower cost. 

More Information: If you turn over one of your ink cubes, you will notice that on the right side of the cube there are little notches or blocks that the printer reads to determine if it should depress the lever in the ink loader and "accept" the ink. Xerox codes the exact same ink into several different shapes, and pre-programs your printer to only accept a certain shape.  We simply have engineered the shape of the bypass key to tell the printer that its accepting ink purposed for your printer.

Q: Is it Ink that Xerox Manufacturers? How do I know?

A: Yes, we only sell Xerox ink! You can tell by taking any one of our cubes and studying the logo, the "mold marks" (the little lines and circles on the ink where the injection molds join during the manufacturing process), or the mold # marks (on the bottom of the cube) and compare it against any other xerox ink to see its authenticity.

More Information: Its important to only use Xerox ink in your printer because it is manufactured in a specific way so that the ink flows through the printheads in a certain viscosity (melt rate), and also so that it doesn't have chunks of materials (extrusion) that will cause it to jam.

Q: My Printer wont accept the ink / is giving me an Error Message. What should I do?

A: Most error messages related to the use of the key can be solved by simply closing the ink loader door and waiting for 10 seconds and repeating the process. On extremely rare occasions, we've had to reboot the printer and then it works. Still having problems? Call us direct at 1-800-211-2049 to step you through the process.

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